General Questions

Is there a benefit to using ShopLocal Now?

Absolutely, we believe that supporting local business and community helps us all to connect to where we live. businesses create local employment and these people in turn spend in the local economy. Our advertisers are generous supporters of local charities, schools and community events. Supporting these businesses means a financial contribution to your community.

Can I comment on a great local business?

YES! We encourage you to tell us about the local products and services that you have used. Use the video tool to send us a video comment, share it on Facebook and Twitter.

I'm having a problem using the site can you help?

We work hard to ensure that your user experience is a positive one and that the site is intuitive and user friendly. However, stuff happens so if for any reason you are having any problems accessing the site or information on the site please let us know. You can reach us at help at shoplocalnow dot ca.

Why is the pricing on the site different than the pricing at the merchant?

We receive data from the Merchant and update it through our system. This information may take a few hours to propagate through our systems, and sometimes the Merchants update the prices on their site, before they send us an update, which may cause a pricing difference. If you do see a pricing error, please let us know using our feedback buttons. Our operations team will investigate with the Merchant.

What about privacy?

Respecting the privacy of our users is a priority. We do not share any personally identifiable information with third parties. For more details on how we protect your privacy, please see the Privacy Policy.

I cannot find what I want on what can I do?

If you search for something and cannot find it in the system, you can try searching again with fewer or different keywords. If you have a suggestion or would like more deals in a specific category please let us know using our feedback buttons.

How come products from a certain store cannot be found?

We are actively expanding our coverage. If your favourite store is not listed, let us know by leaving feedback and we'll get to work right away.

How do I get products on my store listed on

To learn more about becoming an advertiser please email us at advertise at

What about giving back to Local Charitable Groups?

All advertisers have the option to offer an additional 10% of their views to a local charity of their choice in their community. We donate this on their behalf. If they do not select a charity, we will donate it on their behalf to our selected local groups.

How can I get our Charity on the list?

It's easy. If you are a local charity that would like to benefit from additional exposure on Shop Local Now for your event or organization please send us an email to give at