Village of White Sands

Notice of Nomination Day For Summer Villages

Notice of Nomination Day For Summer Villages

Local Authorities Election Act
(Sections 12, 26)

Summers Village of White Sands
Summer Village of White Sands, Province of Alberta

Notice is hereby given that Nomination Day is July 3, 2021 and that nominations for
the election of candidates for the following offices will be received between the hours of
10:00 a.m. and 12:00 noon at the White Sands Community Hall, 8 Front Street, Summer
Village of White Sands.

Councillor  Three Positions

Dated at the Summer Village of White Sands in the Province of Alberta this 19th day of
June 2021.

Judy Peelar
Returning Officer

For anyone interested in running for Council of Whites Sands, Nomination Packages are
available at the Village Office - 1 Hall Street, Rochon Sands or on the Website:

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